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Class Day: Thursdays

Time: 7:00pm to 8:30pm


Ann Robertson Centre, 55 London Road, Canterbury, Kent CT2 8HQ (Venue and Map Information )

Class/Course Fee:

£8 per class | £32 for 5 classes
* Low-income concessions available
*Onsite parking available

Habits of Happy People

About the Course:

Happiness is something that each one of us has the potential to experience, but often our habitual ways of thinking take us in the opposite direction. This engaging 4-week mindfulness series will teach critical lessons about some of the habits of happy people that will enrich your life’s experience.
We will explore several meditations and ways of thinking that uplift the mind and how by carrying these with mindfulness into our day we can maintain a light, joyful attitude whatever life throws our way. Everyone is welcome to attend this series of classes. No previous experience necessary.

1 Feb – Contentment

“Without contentment, a rich man will think he is poor”- Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. By learning to be happy with what we have we can overcome our overwhelming dissatisfaction, simplify our life and be able to focus more easily on internal changes.

8 Feb – Acceptance

In this class, we will learn how to maintain a calm and joyful mind even in the most challenging circumstances through applying Buddha’s teachings on patient acceptance.

15 Feb – Joy

It is very easy to allow our mind to focus in ways that are contradictory with our basic wish to be happy. This class will explore teachings and meditations that enable us to keep a positive mind and overcome negative thoughts such as jealousy, competitiveness and discouragement.

22 Feb – Gratitude

We can get so stuck focusing on the negative that we can forget to appreciate all the benefit we receive from others. By maintaining an awareness of the kindness of others in our life we can keep a positive, grateful mind that will make us warmer and well disposed towards others and protect us from unhappy thoughts.

Everyone is welcome and no previous experience is necessary. Each class is self-contained, so if you’re not able to attend the whole course you would be welcome to drop into just one or two classes.

Stop Worrying, Start Living

Talks and Guided Meditations 

It’s easy to miss out on living life to the fullest by worrying about the past or trying to manipulate the future. Even within the present moment, our anxieties and fears can be stifling. Throughout this series, James will introduce meditations and practices for daily life that allow our minds to relax and enjoy the hear and now: a surefire method for natural and positive transformation!


March 1-Magic Happens Outside of Our Comfort Zone

March 8-Just Let it Go

March 15-Living Fearlessly

March 22-The Freedom of Living in the Moment

March 29-Identifying Our Potential


Aims of the Classes: 

*Learn to recognize, reduce and confidently let go of the causes of worry and stress in the mind.

*View life with a wisdom that nurtures inner strength, peace of mind and happiness.

*Cultivate the freedom of mind to work with life’s challenges in a positive and constructive way.

*Discover, through mediation, how to access a deeper sense of inner peace, happiness and well-being.

Classes last for an hour and a half. They are suitable for complete beginners and those with more experience of meditation. You’re more than welcome to come to individual sessions or attend the series as a whole.

Drop-in fee £8 (per class): | free for supporting members
Class Card: (5 x classes): £32 5x classes for the price of 4


About the classes:

These drop-in classes aim to teach effective, meditation-based solutions to everyday problems taken from the Kadampa Buddhist tradition. Everyone is welcome – these practical meditations can be practised by anyone, whether Buddhist or not. Each class consists of guided meditations and practical advice on how to maintain a positive mind, as well as an opportunity to ask questions. Classes are self-contained and you can drop in whenever you wish; there’s no need to book in advance, simply turn up and register when you arrive.

We meditate sitting on chairs and there is no physical exercise involved or any special clothing needed. These classes are suitable for everyone, including complete beginners.

For more information, please see What to Expect at a Class.