Understanding Karma & A Method to Purify Negative Karma


















Understanding Karma 
& A Method to Purify Negative Karma 

Date: Sat 17 March-Sun 18 March

Time: Sat 10AM – 4PM; Sun 10AM-1PM

Venue: Whitstable Castle and Gardens; 15 Tower Hill, Whitstable CT5 2BW (Venue and Directions)

£30 Saturday | £20 Sunday | £40 Both Days
(low income concessions available)

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About Course:

Buddha said “No action is ever wasted.” This refers to the law of karma, or cause and effect. What exactly does this mean in general, and to ourself in particular?

In brief, we all possess both positive and negative karma, which we experience as circumstances and conditions within our life and within our mind. Our life today is the result of our past karma and in every moment we are creating the karma for our future self. Often negative karma obstructs our day-to-day happiness by producing continual difficulties and can prevent us making progress in our spiritual practice. Even inadvertently we create unwanted karmic causes in our very pursuit of life, liberty and happiness itself.

Knowledge is empowering, therefore on Saturday we will learn more about the subtle workings of karma. With an understanding of karma, blame is removed, even from ourself, and we are naturally empowered to change our views and our actions for the better.

On Sunday we will explore methods to remove our worst negative karma so that we may not have to experience it. We will also learn how best to transform negative karma that we are currently experiencing. Question and answer will be available.

Everyone Welcome!