Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer at Jampel 12

Volunteer at Jampel 5

Volunteering is a fun way of meeting others, learning new skills and getting more involved. Please contact info@meditateinkent.com if you are interested in helping out at the centre or with our classes.

“I had an amazing time during my volunteering.  Everyone was really down to earth and friendly. I loved the classes on Buddhism and was greatly inspired to see a community that was striving to put the teachings into practice.”

“Thank-you all very much for making me a feel so welcome. I have gained so much from my visit and have been truly inspired by the peace and compassiivon that everyone I have spoken to holds in their hearts and shows in their good deeds.”

Volunteer at Jampel 11
Volunteer at Jampel 12
Volunteer at Jampel 7
Volunteer at Jampel 6