Inner Clarity: Through Meditation and Mindfulness




Inner Clarity

Through Meditation and Mindfulness

Date: Sat 27 Jan

Time: 10am – 4pm

Whitstable Castle & Gardens Venue and Map Information

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About the Course: 
Anxiety, stress and disappointment are states of mind, that seems par for the course in today’s
busy, modern world. Unwittingly, and without wisdom, we allow negative thinking to steal our
inner peace and enjoyment of life. Fortunately, Buddha’s teachings offer a simple yet profound
alternative. Although we may not be able to
change our circumstances, we can definitely train our own mind to respond with a positive
attitude. In this way, we will find that our problems reduce, even disappear, and we can
face life with an inner strength, stability and profound peace.
During this day course, James will guide meditations and offer practical advice on how
we can approach the New Year with a positive outlook.
Everyone Welcome!