Living Meaningfully Dying Joyfully


Weekend Course with Jampel Centre’s resident teacher James Baskerville

We are Alive, therefore we will Die. This is the simplest, most obvious truth of our existence, yet very few of us have really come to terms with this fact. In this course James will give teachings on the importance of mindfulness of death and impermanence and how this is the foundation for living a more meaningful life with greater sense of purpose. We will explore how to prepare for death and to help others who are dying. In this way instead of something to be feared or denied, death can become a positive experience.

In addition to coming to terms with our own mortality, it is inevitable that we will at some time have to care and support family and friends as they approach the end of their lives. James will explore how to develop the courage and stability to give emotional and spiritual support to others at the time of their death.

The second part of the course will be an explanation of the profound Buddhist practice of ‘Powa’ or ‘Transference of Consciousness’. This is a special ancient practice of meditative faith, concentration and compassion to transfer the consciousness of those who have recently deceased to the Buddha’s Pure Land or Heaven. To conclude on the Sunday morning we will engage in the Powa Ceremony as a a group.

James is the resident teacher at Jampel Buddhist Centre and has experience of supporting others during the period at the end of their life and at the time of death.

Saturday 9 February | 10am – 5pm | £30 ~ Veggie lunch provided

Sunday 10 February | 10am – 1pm | £20

Whole weekend | £40

Venue: Wootton Village Hall, Wootton Lane, Wootton, Canterbury, Kent CT4 6RP  (Venue and Directions)

Low income concessions available


Everybody Welcome!