The Healing Power of Compassion

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Half Day Course

Date: Saturday 15 December

Time: 10AM – 1PM

Venue: Wootton Village Hall, Wootton Lane, Wootton, Canterbury, Kent CT4 6RP  (Venue and Directions)

Cost:  £20 ( light refreshments included)
(low income concessions available)

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About Course:
Compassion has incredible power to heal our mind, and to lead us to viewing our life in a completely different way. Compassion makes our life meaningful and our relationships healthier and more positive. Although we already have some degree of compassion, at present it is very biased and limited. When our family or friends are suffering we easily develop compassion for them, but we find it far more difficult to feel sympathy for people we find unpleasant or for strangers. If we genuinely want to realize our potential by attaining full enlightenment, we need to increase the scope of our compassion until it embraces all living beings without exception.

This half-day course is suitable for everyone from complete beginners to experienced meditators.

Do I need to wear anything special? No, people normally sit on a chair. You can wear whatever is most comfortable.

Registration: 09.40am
Session one – 10.00am – 11.15am
Break – 11.15am – 11.45am
Session two – 11.45am – 1.00pm

Everyone Welcome!