Drop-In Meditation Classes in Kent

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Weekly Talks & Guided Meditations

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Herne Bay Mondays: 7pm – 8.30pm

Maidstone Mondays: 7pm – 8.30pm In Depth – Study Class

Maidstone Tuesdays: 7.30pm – 9pm

Tunbridge Wells Tuesdays: 7pm – 8.30pm

Ashford Tuesdays: 7.30pm – 9pm

Canterbury Thursdays: 7pm – 8.30pm

Discover the Power of Meditation & Mindfulness – New Series The Art of Good Relationships starting from Tuesday 23 April

Discover the power of meditation and mindfulness to enable us to develop and maintain good relationships with everyone in our life – whether it’s our partner, family, friends or others – and in this way, learn how to truly enjoy our relationships and life.We all have within us the potential for everything we need to truly flourish and fully enjoy our relationships and life. The qualities that make our relationships and life rich and meaningful such as inner peace, love, compassion and patience, are more natural to our mind than we may think.

We will learn how to practically connect to, cultivate and strengthen these inner qualities through meditation and improving our mindfulness. Through this, we will learn how to develop and maintain a naturally peaceful, positive mind, no matter what is happening in our relationships and life. In this way, we will discover how to work through the inevitable challenges we meet in our relationships and life.

Week 1– Inner peace, inner potential and the key to enjoying relationships

Week 2 – Learning to love the ones you’re with

Week 3 – Letting go of the biggest obstacle to good relationships

Week 4 – The art of forgiveness

Week 5 – The art of empathy, the key to strong and healthy relationships

New Series Starting from 3 June – The Joy of life

“What is the purpose of deliberately generating joy? It is so that we will take full advantage of our present opportunity.”

– Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Joyful Path of Good Fortune

If we do not understand the extraordinary opportunity that this life gives us we will easily waste it. Within our minds lies the potential for real happiness and freedom, truly the fulfillment of all our wishes. In this series we will explore meditations and contemplations designed to help access and harness the power of joy with our minds to really make the most of our lives.

Through talks, guided meditations, discussion and Q&A’s, we will learn how to take these extraordinary life-affirming and empowering insights and tools to heart.

Week 1 – The Joy of Life

Week 2 – Gratitude

Week 3 – Our Amazing Opportunity

1 week Break 

Week 4 – How We Live Matters

Week 5 – The Power of Joy

Week 6 – Seize the Day

No special clothing is required. We offer chairs or cushions to sit on.

Classes last for an hour and a half. They are suitable for complete beginners and those with more experience of meditation. You’re more than welcome to come to individual sessions or attend the series as a whole.

Drop-in fee £8 (per class): | free for supporting members | Low income/student concession available
Flexible Class Card:  £32 (5 classes for the price of 4)

For more information, please see What to Expect at a Class.