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Mindfulness for Children and Parents

Meditation Workshop for Children and Parents in Chartham

Next session: Sunday 8th Sep,  10.15am am to 11.45am

Booking Online Required!

Meditation Workshop for Children,  Parents and Grand Parents
Kids Class: 4 – 12 years

(Includes a free 30 mins session of mindful parenting session for parents and grand parents)

Please see KMC Kent’s  blog post on kids experience of the mindfulness sessions.

When and Where?

Light Roots, (former site of New School Canterbury) Garlinge Green Rd, Chartham CT4 5RU

(Free parking available at the venue)

Dates for your diary:

Sun 29th Sep

Sun 13th Oct

Sun 20th Oct

Sun 17th Nov

Sun 24th Nov

Sun 8th Dec


£6 per child + £4 for siblings

Mindful Parenting session for parents: Free


Sessions for Kids

Our kids mindfulness classes at KMC Kent teach kids how to meditate plus introduce them to foundational Mindfulness concepts derived from Kadampa Buddhism: how to connect to a sense of inner peace, to identify with our astounding potential, develop compassion, generosity, gratitude, authentic self-confidence and let go of agitating states of minds like anger and jealousy. Regular attendance at these classes can assist kids with the development of important life skills such as increased empathy, respect for others, authentic self- confidence, self-control, and concentration.

These sessions,  led by Sean, Kyla, Fiona and Jane, will help kids connect to their imaginations and realize that we are who we decide to be. They learn that our painful emotions are like clouds passing in the clear blue sky of our minds. These lessons in meditation and ancient wisdom teachings can plant seeds in these young minds that will flower for years to come, giving them insight into the power we have to create our own experiences.

During the arts and crafts sessions the kids will engage in meaningful creativity activity that will stimulate their imagination, reflection and their sense of wonder and fun.

For Parents:

Whilst the children engage in Arts and Crafts, Chelvi will facilitate a 30 min session on mindful parenting which will include a guided meditation and a workshop on mindful parenting. As parents, learning to apply simple meditation techniques, and using mindfulness, we can experience a place of calm inside even when our family life is busy, difficult, or completely chaotic. These sessions are also ideal opportunity for parents to connect with each other and form meaningful and transformational friendships.

The Mindful Parent’s session will be facilitated by Chelvi who is both a parent and Buddhist meditation teacher.

Timetable (check timing as it varies)

10.15am: Welcome and settling in

10.30am – 11am: Kids classes will commence

11am – 11.15am: snack time

11.15am- 11.45am: Mindful parenting session

11.15am – 11.30am: Arts and crafts session 


Please note: Online Booking prior the start of the workshop only.

Light snacks will be served during the workshop the class.

Everyone Welcome




Next session: Sun 8th September


10.15am am - 11.45am


£6 One Child | £4 Additional Sibling(s)



Light Roots, (former site of New School Canterbury) Garlinge Green Rd, Chartham CT4 5RU (Please note the turning says 'Hope View School)






See timetable in the description


The Kids classes will be taught by Sean and Kyla, who are both meditation practitioners and parents.  

The arts and crafts sessions will be facilitated by Kyla, Sean, Jane and Fiona.

The Mindful Parent’s session will be facilitated by Chelvi who is both a parent and Buddhist meditation teacher.

Cost & Booking



Please note: Online Booking & Payment prior the start of the workshop only.


Our classes are for everyone who is interested in learning how to meditate, regardless of background or belief. They are designed to give a broad introduction to Buddhist meditation, teachings, and practice. Everyone is invited to use whichever aspects of the teachings they find helpful.

No. Anyone can learn basic meditation and experience the benefits that come from having a peaceful mind.

No. Everyone is welcome, including beginners. All you need is the wish to improve yourself and the quality of your life.

No special clothing is required, come as you are.

No. The classes focus on meditation and teachings alone. You can choose to sit on a chair or meditation cushion.

We are a registered charity run entirely by volunteers, no-one receives a salary. The funds we receive are used to pay for our venues and operating expenses. Although we charge for classes we also offer low-income rates and no one will ever be turned away for lack of funds.

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