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£6 (£4 conc)
3 Week Course £15 (£10 conc)
Free for Members

Finding Emotional Freedom - 3 week course

Online Talks and Guided Meditations with KMC Kent Resident Teacher James Baskerville

(Video Catch-up available for 7 days)

When we feel trapped by our circumstances or difficult life circumstances it is easy to feel powerless and emotionally turbulent. We can at times be overwhelmed by feelings of resentfulness, anxiety and worry.

In this 3 week program we will look deeper into the inner problem of confused desire or the ‘delusion’ of desirous attachement. We will explore how it is possible to develop the wisdom that leads to a lasting contentment and deeper levels of inner peace.

This program will be led as a Zoom webinar with extra 20 mins discussion after the class. If you wish you can opt into the WhatsApp group and receive daily encouragement and support with your meditations and mindfulness training from senior practitioners and fellow meditators.

The instructions and practices of this series will be taken from ‘How to Solve your Human Problems’ by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.


The Whole 3 Week Course (discounted) BOOK HERE

10 June: Class 1 BOOK HERE

17 June: Class 2 BOOK HERE

24 June: Class 3 BOOK HERE

(Video Catch-Up available for 7 days)

KMC Kent is making all the live meditation classes available to the people of Kent only, to find your local centre please visit kadampa.org 

Please Note: You’ll find the webinar link for this course on the confirmation order of your booking on the ‘Additional Information’ section at the bottom. 

Class Format

What to Expect

Guided Meditation

Each class begins with guided breathing meditation to help let go of distractions and settle the mind into an experience of inner peace.

Buddhist Teaching

The teacher will then give practical advice, based on the topic of the class, explaining how we can integrate Buddha's timeless wisdom into our busy daily lives.


The class will conclude with a second guided meditation to help us take the teaching to heart. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions.


The Wednesday Evening Class is led by Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Centre Kent, James Baskerville.


The Wednesday Evening Class is led by Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Centre Kent, James Baskerville.


We are a registered charity run entirely by volunteers, no-one receives a salary. The funds we receive are used to pay for our venues and operating expenses. Although we charge for classes we also offer low-income rates and no one will ever be turned away for lack of funds.

Our classes are for everyone who is interested in learning how to meditate, regardless of background or belief. They are designed to give a broad introduction to Buddhist meditation, teachings, and practice. Everyone is invited to use whichever aspects of the teachings they find helpful.

No. Anyone can learn basic meditation and experience the benefits that come from having a peaceful mind.

No. Everyone is welcome, including beginners. All you need is the wish to improve yourself and the quality of your life.

No special clothing is required, come as you are.

No. The classes focus on meditation and teachings alone. You can choose to sit on a chair or meditation cushion.


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