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Meditation for the Workplace

The Clear Mind @ Work programme offers on-site meditation sessions designed to reduce stress and establish well-being in the work place.

With the fast pace of modern working life many of us can feel overwhelmed and under pressure. Studies show that stress can negatively affect our decision-making skills, creativity and our ability to work well with others.

Through talks and guided meditations, the Clear Mind @ Work programme explores how a peaceful, positive mind helps us to meet the demands of today’s busy working life. Learn tried and tested methods to establish increased happiness, effectiveness and balance. Discover the power of a Clear Mind @ Work.



The Workshops

We will work together with you to create a program structure that suits your employees and work schedules. Guided by our workshop team, you may choose to conduct the workshops at your own place of work or elsewhere. The program is flexible and supports the demands of the busy working environment.

The Meditation

Learn to recognise what it means to be busy on the outside but calm, relaxed and focused on the inside. Discover simple techniques to improve mental balance, focus, inner calm and wellbeing.

The Mindfulness

Learn a highly practical approach to developing and maintaining a healthy self awareness, and through this, how we are able to make wiser and healthier choices in our working and personal lives.

The Change

Learn to use mindfulness and meditation to embrace the changes and challenges we meet in our home and working lives, without the unhealthy stress and anxiety they often produce.

The Leadership

Discover a revolutionary approach to leadership and how we can all develop the skills to work and lead with greater wisdom, understanding and compassion. Learn how to positively influence others.


Plan Your Programme

You may book any combination of the workshops, although we generally recommend following all four. If you book more than one, you should allow a week between them so that the participants can familiarise themselves with the tools acquired before the following workshop.

Each of the four workshops lasts preferably 1½ hours, and in any case no less than 1 hour. Workshops may be scheduled at any time of the working day, including lunchtime.

A conference or presentation room or lecture theatre is best. The teacher will sit in a chair facing the participants, who will also be sitting in chairs. 

To discuss more about how we can work with you to design your workplace program, please contact us: