Journey Within: Inspiring Tales from
Kadampa Meditation Centre Practitioners

These are real stories from real practitioners on how they’ve used meditation to overcome difficulties in their lives.

Solving Chronic Pain through Meditation: Tingy’s journey of healing

Tingy shares how she utilised Kadampa meditation techniques to overcome her chronic pain and offer support to others

Nurturing Emotional Intelligence: A Parent’s Journey through KMC Kent’s Mindfulness for Parents & Children’s Sessions

In a world where emotional intelligence is increasingly valued, parents like Jane and Kyla are turning to mindfulness sessions to nurture this vital skill in their children

Nurturing Young Minds: Exploring Mindfulness Through Children’s Eyes

Insights from children who participate in Mindfulness for Children & Parents session s at KMC Kent.

Finding Peace: Andy’s Journey Through Mental Health Struggles and Buddhist Meditation

Andy shares his own meditation journey and candidly discusses his past struggles with mental health.

Nurturing Minds Together: Mindful communities for families

‘How can I protect my kids? I've got to let them go at some point. I need to give them the tools to cope.’

Transcending Betrayal: A Journey of Forgiveness & Redemption

'I was able to release resentments and cleanse myself of negative emotions, allowing me to approach life with a newfound sense of forgiveness and positivity.'

A Mother’s Meditation Journey: Nurturing Autism

'What led me to start my journey into working on the internal part of myself was having children with autism and ADHD'.