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Resident Teacher

James Baskerville

James Baskerville is the Resident Teacher at the Kadampa Meditation Centre Kent. James has been practising and teaching Kadampa Buddhism for over twenty years and has engaged in extensive meditation retreats, including silent retreat. He is especially known for his clarity, humour and inspirational presentation of Buddha’s teachings.

James teaches regular evening meditation classes in Rochester, weekend courses and retreats in the Kent area.

Other Teachers

Kadampa Meditation Centre Kent

Chelvi Mailvaganan

Chelvi has been a Kadampa Buddhist for over 22 years. She is a mother and social worker, specialising in end of life care. Meditation has helped transform and heal many aspects of Chelvi’s life. She teaches from her own experience and wealth of knowledge, emphasising how to apply Buddhist methods to everyday life with insight and clarity. 

Chelvi teaches the Wednesday Buddhist classes in Canterbury and Drop-in Monday Evening classes in Ashford as well as regular weekend courses in Canterbury and Ashford.

Kelsang Oden

Oden has a strong desire to share the joy and purpose she has found through her own practice of meditation and Buddhism. She is a physiotherapist and brings her caring personality to her teachings. She presents meditation and Buddha’s teachings in a practical, kind-hearted and inspirational way. 

Oden teaches Tuesday evening meditation classes in Canterbury as well as regular weekend courses.